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Sports and games section is responsible for provision of recreational and competitive sports for all students. Egerton University has a well-established Sports and Games section manned by qualified and adequate personnel.

The Mandate of Games, Sports and Recreation is to:

  1. Provide quality sport and recreation programmes
  2. Identify and nurture talent, train and coach techniques
  3. Provide information on the importance of sports and games to students.

Egerton University participates in Kenya Inter University Games at both conference level (KUSA-Rift) and national level (KUSA), national leagues and tournaments, East Africa University Games (EAUSF), Africa University Games (FASU) and World University Games (FISU).


Njoro Campus

The campus has excellent sports facilities, which include a swimming pool, a sports pavilion with a large seating capacity, field and track facilities. Varied disciplines are offered including:

Varied disciplines are offered including:

  1. Ball games: (Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Handball, Netball, Softball, Hockey, Volleyball, Woodball)
  2. Racquet games: (Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis)
  3. Board games: (Chess, Scrabble, Ajua, Darts)
  4. Martial Art: (Karate, Tae kwondo)
  5. Athletics
  6. Swimming
  7. Aerobics
  8. Body building

The facilities for indoor games are found in various junior common rooms in the halls of residences and at the student center.


For further information please contact the Coordinator Sports and Games at the pavilion office no.3 


Nakuru Town Campus College (NTCC)

Nakuru Town Campus College Sports and games department offers an array of disciplines that include:

  1. Soccer;
  2. Handball;
  3. Badminton;
  4. Tennis;
  5. Chess;
  6. Scrabble;
  7. Table tennis;
  8. Netball;
  9. Rugby;
  10. Volleyball;
  11. Athletics;
  12. Hockey;
  13. Martial arts

Recreational sport is encouraged through activities like Intramurals that include Inter-Years and Inter-Faculty competitions.


Location of Facilities

Students at Nakuru Town Campus College train at Afraha High School on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Training usually is usually between 4pm and 6pm. For competitive sports, there are standing/combined teams with Njoro campus. Whereas the campus provides sporting equipment, it does not issue training kits, all students bring with them their personal training kits. 


For all your sporting inquiries contact the Deputy Chief Sports and Games Officer at the Dean of Students office, Nakuru Town Campus College.

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