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The Egerton University Council

The University Council consists of nine members; The Chairman and five members who are appointed by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Education.

Other members are the Principal Secretary responsible for Education, Principal Secretary responsible for National Treasury and the Vice-Chancellor as ex-officio member and secretary to the council.According to the University’s Act (2012), Council members hold office for a term of three (3) years.

Functions of the Council

The function of the Council shall be to :

  1. Employ staff; (appoint Professors & Senior Staff in Grades XV & above; appoint the Vice-Chancellor & Deputy Vice-Chancellors in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary responsible for University Education after a competitive process conducted by Public Service Commission; consider disciplinary matters for Principals, Deputy Vice-
    Chancellors & Vice-Chancellor).
  2. Approve the statutes of the University and cause them to be published in the Kenya Gazette; 
  3. Approve the policies of the University;
  4. Approve the budget;
  5. Manage, supervise and administer the assets of the University in such a manner as best promotes the purpose for which the University is established;
  6. Determine the provisions to be made for capital and recurrent expenditure and for reserves
    of the University;
  7. Receive any grants, donations or endowments on behalf of the University and make
    legitimate disbursements therefrom;
  8. Enter into association, collaboration or linkages with other bodies or organizations within
    or outside Kenya as the University may consider desirable or appropriate and in furtherance
    of the purpose for which the University is established;
  9. Open a banking account or accounts for the funds of the Univesity;
  10. Undertake other functions set out under this Act and the Charter.


  1. Amb. Dr  Hukka Wario - Chairman of Council
  2. Vice-Chancellor - Member/Secretary.
  3. Mr Julius K. Mutua -Principal Secretary, the National Treasury
  4. Mr Paul M. Mwangi-Alternate to the Principal Secretary, State Department for Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Education
  5. Mr Christopher O. Oanda
  6. Mr Charles N. Njenga
  7. Ms Brenda N. Lubisia
  8. Hon. Gideon Koske
Amb. Dr Hukka Wario
Amb. Dr Hukka Wario Chairman of Council
Mr Christopher O. Oanda
Mr Christopher O. OandaMember
Mr Julius K. Mutua
Mr Julius K. Mutua Principal Secretary, the National Treasury
Hon. Gideon Koske
Hon. Gideon KoskeMember
Mr Charles N. Njenga
Mr Charles N. NjengaMember
Ms Brenda N. Lubisia
Ms Brenda N. LubisiaMember
Mr Paul M. Mwangi
Mr Paul M. Mwangi Alternate to the Principal Secretary, State Department for Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Education
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