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Castle that was built for a hard-to-please lover

Lord Egerton, the fourth and last Baron Egerton of Tatton (1874-1958), was born Maurice Egerton Tatton, the last child of Allan de Tatton Egerton and Anna Louis Watson on August 4, 1874. Maurice was a pioneer aviator, automobile enthusiast, keen photographer, collector, natural historian, traveller and ardent youth worker, but lacked social skills. He was friends with Wilbur and Olville Wright and had his own planes and a landing strip at Tatton Park in Chesire County.

The History of Egerton University Botanic Garden

The Egerton University Botanic Garden was established in the year 2002 when it was officially opened by H.E. Daniel T. Moi, the then president of the Republic of Kenya. This was an effort in recognation and support of the endevour made locally and all over the world on plant and environmental preservation and conservation as well as the principles of the Convention on Biological Diversity including the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation for which Kenya is a signatory.

Egerton Agricutural Resource Centre Hotel

Agricultural Resource Center - ARC Hotel is a 3-star Hotel facility Located within Egerton University, Main Campus, Njoro in a serene atmosphere surrounded by scenic attractions. It has 102 deluxe suites suitable for VIP accomodation with an olympic size swiming pool, gym, sports track, field and ample parking space. Here, our innovative meal plan consist of fresh food produced from the university's own award winning farm. Our vegetables, salads and strawberries are sourced from greenhouses tended by our exceptionally intelligent undergraduate students. Our vasity poultry section, dairy unit and slaughterhouse supply the animal protein items. Sit down take a glass of Egerton yourghut, sweeteneed with real honey from bee hives perched in the apiary section of the university's farm. So much to enjoy!


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Arrangements for pre-paid meal services can be paid through KCB Catering A/C 1101862920

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