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Egerton University has a multi-faith Chaplaincy, a section which provides environment for free interaction of mainly four religious groups i.e. Protestant (Egerton University Christian Union), Catholic Students Association (CSA), Egerton University Seventh Day Adventist (EUSDA) and Egerton Muslim Association (EMSA). The multi-faith chaplaincy is there for students and staff to explore spirituality, faith, religion, value, meaning and ethics. This multi-faith chaplaincy exists within the academic community to nurture faith, spirituality and social responsibility and to provide pastoral presence, especially for students. It is indeed a referral center for students and staff who wish to explore their own spiritual needs and spiritual counseling services. The Chaplaincy also serves as a link between the University administration, and the faith community. The University Chaplain offers pastoral care and counseling as well as playing priestly roles

This arrangement is replicated in all the University campuses. The University Chaplain coordinates these groups through a multi-faith committee which meets twice a semester. In the committee, there is a religious congress who links the multi-faith chaplaincy with Egerton University Students Association (EUSA). The religious congress is elected on a rotational basis among the religious groups and the campuses. Leaders of these religious groups are usually trained as Chaplaincy fellows once a year. For their religious activities Muslim students usually consult a senior Muslim staff member on campus for spiritual guidance. 

In Njoro Campus, there is one venue for Christian Union in the B Lecture halls, where members meet for Sunday services.  CSA students attend their services at the St. Augustine Chapel just outside the main gate.  EUSDA members meet in Bs Lecture halls for their Sabbath and Muslim students worship in the Njoro Mosque for the Friday prayers. Additionally, some students and especially those who reside off campus attend religious services in their respective Churches near the University or in Njoro.

In Nakuru Town Campus College, the religious groups are assigned places of worship (lecture halls), through the office of the Principal. No individual Church is allowed to carry out its activities within the University. Student’s religious groups are manned from the Dean of Students office in Nakuru Town Campus College.

The University has One Chaplain who serves all campuses. The physical location is Njoro main Campus, in the Student Counselling Building, next to Kennedy Mess. The Chaplain can be reached through the Dean of Students office.


Location of Facilities

In the Counseling and Chaplaincy Office next to the Kennedy Mess.


For all your inquiries contact the University Chaplain the office indicated above.

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