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<a href='eprofile/80121'>Mr. Kepha Orina</a>
Mr. Kepha OrinaAg. Estates Manager

The Estates Department

The Estates Department is under Administration and Finance Division and provides maintenance in the common areas in the University as well as classrooms, staff quarters and grounds. It is among the essential services department.


A department focused on preventative maintenance. 


The Estate will strive to keep and maintain the University compound and buildings in good conditions and offer exemplary maintenance to the University properties.

Our Core Values

The Estates Department will be guided by the following core values,

  1. Passion for excellence and devotion to duty.
  2. Integrity, transparency and accountability.
  3. Promote democratic principles, social justice and fairness.

Objectives of Estates Department are:

  1. Maintain grounds in a neat state.
  2. Facilitate training of staff to acquire more knowledge on both preventive and corrective maintenance.
  3. Partnership with other University departments.
  4. Engage in priority areas in corrective maintenance.
  5. Engage in activities that will conserve the environment through tree planting and harvesting the overgrown trees for timber and firewood.
  6. Improve the quality of the existing physical facilities and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the University by redecorating buildings.
  7. Improve on a semi-autonomous Income Generating Unit (IGU) through several activities in Estates Department.
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