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Director - Directorate of Planning & Development

Directorate of Planning & Development

In order to address the challenges of planning and development, Egerton University established the Directorate of Planning and Development in 2009 which was later changed to the Department of Planning and Development in the 2023 Statutes, headed by Registrar Planning & Development.

The aspiration of this Department is to mainstream planning and performance management systems in the entire University operations, functions and processes geared towards steering the University to higher heights of development commensurate with a University status.

Planning involves a systematic critical thinking process about ways and means of charting the University’s course of development by deciding the most appropriate course of actions for the achievement of pre-determined long term, medium term and immediate goals and objectives for the achievement of the University’s Vision and Mission.

An analysis of stakeholders’ needs, challenges, interests, and expectations are used to determine and prioritize project potentials and alternatives.

The Department facilitates the proper utilization of human and non-human resources by cascading the Strategic Plan and Citizen Service Charters to University Units through the Performance Contracting System.

The Department also monitors and evaluates the implementation of University Strategic Plan, Master Plan and the Operational Plan.


An effective and efficient planning and development directorate for the sustainable development of the University’s infrastructure, physical and human capital.


To strengthen the University’s planning and development capacity through Strategic planning, Performance Contracting system, Service Charter delivery and Physical development planning.


  1. Coordinating all activities related to the development and implementation of the Strategic Plan and the Master Plan of the University;
  2. Planning for the development and maintenance of the University’s physical infrastructure;
  3. Preparing the Performance Contract of the University
  4. Coordinating the review of the Service Charter of the University;


  1. To Prepare the Performance Contract between Government of the Republic of Kenya and Egerton University Council.
  2. To Prepare and submit University’s Performance Contract Quarterly and Annual Reports.
  3. To Prepare and submit Quarterly Reports to Government Agencies on matters related to Performance Contracting.
  4. To collect Performance Contracting Evidence from Divisions and special units.
  5. To develop, monitor and review University Service Charter
  6. To develop, monitor and review University Strategic Plan  
  7. To develop, monitor and review the University Master Plan


staff Designation
Mr. Vincent Kipnge’tich Senior Administrative Assistant I
Ms. Queenville A. Mwanika Senior Secretary I
Ms. Ruth Kiarie Administrative Assistant I
Mr. David K. Rotich Administrative Assistant II
Mr. Kenneth Wachira Senior Clerk


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