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Mrs. Judith O. OfulaAg. Chief Halls Officer

The Accommodation Department

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Phone Number: 0728411309

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Accommodation department is located about 800 meters from the main administration block with its hostels scattered within the university premises next to lecture halls, laboratories and library. This has enabled students of all categories to move easily from their hostels to classes and vice versa.

About the department

Accommodation department is a service entity that provides good quality housing environment which is comfortable, convenient and safe to students. It has a great influence on the creation of favorable atmosphere for learning to achieve the desired educational needs. It is apparent, from the strong levels of demand that students generally would prefer to reside on-campus accommodation. The conditions relevant to these residences recognize the duration of the student’s study period semester breaks, as well as a high standard of safety and maintenance of facilities. In addition, the student experience is no doubt enhanced through close proximity to student facilities such as libraries, sports, restaurants etc. The department also offers accommodation to visitors and secondary school children. The hostels are managed by Directorate of University Welfare Services which is under the Division of Administration; Planning and Development. The department is headed by Chief Halls Officer who gives overall direction in line with university strategic objectives. We have adopted the use of Information Technology (ARMS) which has significantly improved transparency and accountability in booking and allocation of rooms to students.


To provide a quality living environment that contributes to the welfare and security of clients


To provide quality and affordable accommodation to students


  • Provide safe and well-maintained accommodation facilities.
  • Transforming the lives of students to mature socially, culturally and intellectually

 Core Values

  • Student focus
  • Passion for excellence
  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Team spirit
  • Creativity and Innovativeness


  • Allocation of rooms to students
  • Maintenance of halls of residence and grounds
  • Keeping of accurate students accommodation records in the hostels
  • Reservation of rooms for Egerton university first years, those living with disabilities and International students
  • Resolving accommodated students conflicts within the university
  • Maintain security of students, and their property within the hostels

Departmental structure / Sections

The organizational structure comprise of DVC(APD), Director University Welfare services Chief Halls Officer, Deputy Chief, Halls officers, Maintenance Officer and secretary as shown below:-

  • In charge of various hostels within the Department.
  • Harmonize room allocation
  • Responsible for students’ welfare by ensuring there is provision of essentials for instance; water, electricity as well as cleaning services.
  • Implementation of students’ rules and regulations pertaining to residence within the University premises by ensuring that they are observed and those who break the rules disciplinary action is taken against them.
  • Custodian of University students’ record occupancy
  • Responsible for maintenance of halls of residence and its environment
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