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Dr Josephine KhaembaDIrector - Disability Mainstreaming
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Disability Mainstreaming

Disability continues to be a challenge to many people in Kenya despite the efforts made by the government to cater for persons with disabilities. As an institution of higher learning, Egerton University has established a department of Disability Mainstreaming under the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, Finance and Planning (DVC-AF&P) to implement the Disability Mainstreaming Policy. Disability mainstreaming is anchored in Law; 

Egerton university mainstreaming policy is in line with Persons with Disabilities Act 2003 and the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other Global, Regional and International Frameworks such as, the 2018 Global Summit of 2022. As a university, we are committed to ensuring that PWDs are taken care of to realize their full potential. 

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Persons with disabilities need a free, accessible, comfortable as well as a secure environment. Egerton University strives to put measures in place to enable PWDs achieve their dreams. Cultivating attitude change towards persons with disabilities can be a motivation for achieving higher goals. The Disability Mainstreaming department sets out to address the concerns and needs of persons with disabilities so that they can benefit equally.

The rights of PWDs are not a privilege; disability is not a preserve for a few people, every person has the potential for disability. The department reports and recommends universal designs for use by PWDs to ensure equal access to products, facilities and services. Disability specific policies, programmes and initiatives are also put in place to ensure inclusivity.

As the coordinator, Disability Mainstreaming, I am the focal person for the implementation of the Government policy on affirmative action for PWDs. I am also the Liasson officer with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities. As one of my mandates, I develop a work plan using a prescribed format that is provided by the NCPWDs. I have also registered the university in the NCPWDs Careers Portal for posting Ads for employment/ job opportunities for access by job seekers with disabilities by emailing the request to As a department, we conduct accessibility and usability audits, and recommend for improvement or adjustment for ease of access to products and services by PWDs. As a requirement, we request the University to ensure 5% of employees are PWDs. The department collects and keeps disaggregated data on PWDs. Other mandates include: ensuring that PWDs participate in public forms, provide adaptive technology, like note takers and screen reading soft wares and, prepare and submit quarterly reports with evidence to the NCPWDs.


  1. To address institutional barriers that exclude people from equal participation
  2. To provide the necessary opportunities and access to PWDs on equal basis with others
  3. To implement Disability mainstreaming policy


To be a dynamic, Inclusive and Competitive Centre of Excellence in teaching, learning, research and service to humanity.


To provide quality education and training, promote scholarship, service, innovation and creativity and inculcate moral values for sustainable individual and societal development.


A community of scholars committed to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and cultivation of wisdom for the welfare of society.


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Hard work
  • Excellence
  • Tolerance
  • Inclusiveness
  • Non-discrimination


Sensitivity and responsiveness to societal needs and the right of every person to knowledge.



  • Room booking and other specially adapted accommodation for PWDs
  • Assessment of PWDs to acquire the National Council for Persons with Disabilities Cards (NCPWDs)
  • Provision and monitoring of transport to students and staff within Campus
  • Improvement of physical access of university facilities through accessibility Audit
  • Availability of electronic resources for PWDs such as, Orbit readers, CCTV and the JAWS software for the visually impaired.
  • Provision of Assistive devices such as Crutches, White canes, Binoculars, Wheel chairs, braille machines and braille papers.
  • Transcription services- CATs from print to braille and vice-versa
  • Provision of materials in large font for Low Vision
  • Organizing and planning for community-based activities such as Hikes and Walks in conjunction with the Kenya Society for the Blind
  • Sensitization of students and staff
  • Student advisory such as enquiries and registration with the NCPWDs
  • Accessibility audit
  • Quarterly reports to the NCPWDs


As a requirement for both students and staff with disabilities, requests are made through the HOD disability mainstreaming office, or through the Dean of Students and the Medical department. Materials are accessed in modified formats as needs arise.


  • Uhai Festival
  • KUSA Games
  • Mount Longonot Climb


  • Sensitization and Awareness creation
  • Sign language training
  • Transcription services
  • Transport services


At the resource centre you find the following:

  • Computers with internet
  • CCTV
  • JAW Software
  • Crutches
  • White Canes
  • Orbit Readers
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Embosser
  • Braille Machines
  • Braille Papers
  • Printer & Scanner


1.Dr Josephine Khaemba, Coordinator Disability Mainstreaming

Mobile 0722 265757

2. Ms. Teresia Muchiri, Senior Clerk,

Ms. Judy Noroge, Braille Transcriber,

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