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  • eu follapIn its quest to promote access to justice among vulnerable members of the community, FOLLAP has trained a section of Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs in Nakuru Country on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms.

    During the training that took place on Friday 21 May at the Njoro Campus of Egerton University, the Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs were encouraged to use other means of conflict resolution among the residents they serve.

    The training looked at the legal basis of ADR, its advantages as well as its challenges and benefitted than 40 participants.

  • Egerton University on 12 August 2021 marked the International Youth Day, whose theme was "Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health".

  • A section of medical professionals in Nakuru county have agreed to work closely with the Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) in helping survivors of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) to access justice.

  • Egerton University’s Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project with support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme under the Amkeni Wakenyaproject is co-creating the second National Legal Aid Conference aptly themed “Access to Justice in a Socio-Economic Crisis: Lessons from COVID 19 Pandemic” to be held in Nakuru County from 28th November to 4th December 2021.

  • The Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) held a forum with police officers on Friday 15thOctober 2021, to sensitize them on the law of evidence on gender-based violence (GBV) cases.

  • Beneficiaries of the Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) want it to be expanded in order to reach more people.

    In a meeting held on Friday 8th October at the CMRT Hall at the Egerton Njoro Campus, the beneficiaries told the FOLLAP team that the project was very helpful to communities and they would like it to be rolled out more to the grassroots.

  • The Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) will host the second national legal aid conference from Monday November 29th to Saturday December 4th.

    This year’s conference will be held in Naivasha under the theme “Access to Justice and Socio-Economic Crisis: Lessons from Covid-19 Pandemic.”

  • The Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) will start its activities for this year on Friday, January 14. The project’s team are set to hold a legal aid clinic at the Kapkures Sub County offices in Nakuru Town West from 10 am.

  • Egerton University Law students will sensitize Nakuru residents on legal issues through Egerton Radio (101.7 FM).

  • Egerton University will be the first institution of higher learning in the country to administer bar examinations outside Nairobi beginning 31 March 2022. This is according to the Council of Legal Education Chief Executive Officer Dr Wambua Kituku.

  • The Egerton University Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) is training its staff on mediation. The training is aimed at capacity building the staff on how to help communities solve disputes easily as a way of accelerating access to justice which is FOLLAP’s main goal.

  • The Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) on Friday 8th July held stakeholder engagement forum to deliberate on the intersection between access to justice and democracy.

  • Egerton University’s Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) with support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme under the Amkeni Wakenya Civil Society Democratic Governance Facility is co-creating the Third National Conference on Access to Justice. Themed “Access to Justice During Electioneering Period in Africa in the 21st Century”, the conference will be held in Nakuru County from 14th- 19th November 2022.

  • More often than not, the election processes and the overall outcome of an election in Kenya is disputed for one reason or the other.During electioneering period of September 9th 2022, there were a number of issues that occur with Bomas being the Epicentre of tallying the votes.

    There were also travelling from the far flung remote areas of the country up to the Capital City, where National leaders are announced and confirmed.

  • Egerton University is gearing up to partner with key stakeholders to host the upcoming 3rd National Alternative Justice Systems Conference. Led by Justice (Prof.) Joel M. Ngugi, the National Steering Committee for the Implementation of Alternative Justice Systems Policy (NaSCI-AJS) recently engaged with the University leadership to finalize plans for this significant event.

  • Egerton University is working with various stakeholders to strengthen access to justice by various parties in Nakuru county before, after and during the electioneering period.

    Egerton University Vice-chancellor Professor Isaac Kibwagesaid during the just ended General Elections, many stakeholders including the electorate and aspirants benefitted from the civic education and sensitization done by the University’s Faculty of Law and various partners and stakeholders in order to grow the democratic space in the country.

    He said the University's Faculty of Law and Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) has been working with various stakeholders to help the community to access justice and claim their rights by providing legal aid to them.

    The remarks were contained in a speech read on his behalf by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor  in charge of Administration, Planning and Development, Prof. Richard Mulwa during the opening of the third conference on access to justice which began in Naivasha on Tuesday.

    The theme of this year`s conference is; Access to justice during the electioneering period in Africa during the 21st Century.

    Kibwage said Elections like the last August 9 General Elections give the people an opportunity to exercise their sovereign power and elect leaders of their choice and hence uphold a people`s sovereignty, rights and democratic principles.

    “Without democracy, there can be no justice and without justice, there can be no democracy,” Kibwage said.

    To this end, Kibwage urged the participants of the three-day event to come up with strategies to strengthen democracy and access to justice during the electioneering period in Kenya based on lessons learnt from the past elections.

    Nakuru High Court Judge Justice Hilary Kiplagat Chemitei who spoke at the event said the judiciary was working round the clock to ensure all the election petitions filed after the August General Elections were heard and finalized in the stipulated period of six months after the conclusion of the elections.

    He also revealed that Nakuru Law Courts now had a fully-fledged mediation courts or system that has facilitated a quicker access to justice by various parties and those cases that need to be referred to the alternative dispute resolution identified and referred to that mechanism.

    Source:Kenya News

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