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Your stay at Egerton is very short and hence we advise that you use your time well.  Your time here will be varied from 3-5yrs depending on which diploma or degree program you are admitted.

Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage Ag. Vice-Chancellor

Speech by Prof. Isaac O. Kibwage Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Egerton University

Deputy Vice Chancellors,

University Management Board Members,

Members of the University Senate,

Members of Staff present,

Our esteemed first years,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of the Chancellor, University Council, Management Board, Senate, members of staff and students, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and welcome all the First years of the 2021/2022 cohort to Egerton University. 

As you begin your intellectual journey at this University, it is my honour to welcome you to one of the oldest and leading institution of higher learning in Kenya. We offer over 100 courses in diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate level. These courses are offered at our various Faculties, Institutes and through School of Distance Learning (SODL).

There is therefore a wide variety of courses offered which you can choose from. These include Agriculture, Business, Law, the Arts, Science and Computer, Medicine and Surgery, Engineering and Technology. All the courses we offer will create an opportunity for you as new students to pursue an education that will open doors for you, whether in employment in private or public sector or even as job creators.

Throughout your learning at Egerton University, you will interact with a vast array of highly trained and professional staff members including Professors, Lecturers, Technicians and other staff in various teaching departments where you will be based.

As our students, you are our number customer and we will strive to make your academic journey in this great University as smooth as possible.

Our mission to Generate Knowledge and offer Exemplary Education and Training to Society for National and Global Development. This can only be achieved when we focus our resources in teaching and learning, our core mandate as a University.



Egerton University is the oldest institution of higher learning in Kenya. It was founded as a Farm School/Agricultural college in 1939 by Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton, a British national who settled in Kenya in the 1920s from UK. Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton donated 400 hectares of his land to the government of Kenya to set up a school to train large scale farmers in The Kenya Highlands. In 1986, Egerton College became constituent college of

University of Nairobi.  In 1987 Egerton College became a fully-fledged university by an Act of Parliament. In 2013 Egerton University was granted a charter as per 2012 Universities Act.



Egerton University has a well-organized management structure with several key players;

The Chancellor as the Head of the institution vested with the powers to confer degrees, and award diplomas.  The Chancellor also offers advise on how to improve the university. The University Council which makes policies governing the operations of the University.

The University Management Board charged with the daily operations of the University.

The Senate which comprises the University Management Board, Deans, Directors, Chairpersons of Departments and Professors, charged with the responsibility of running the academic programmes, examinations, academic calendars, student matters, admission of students and graduations.


Please take your academic journey at this University very serious. Unlike in secondary school where you were managed to the letter, at the university, it is up to you to decide what you want to do. There are rules and regulations that should be adhered to.

As I mentioned earlier, we have staff who are ready and willing to assist you. Our academic staff will be your allies in your learning experience. They are your greatest resource. They are applying

their expertise through teaching, research and practice to address the unique challenges befalling our country, please stay close to them during lectures, practicals and during your free time and get to know them. Seek them out as they will be the ones who will guide you as doors open for you. Learn to work with your academic supervisors and each other as well.  We value teamwork in this institution and it is necessary that you do so as well.

Your stay at Egerton is very short and hence we advise that you use your time well.  Your time here will be varied from 3-5yrs depending on which diploma or degree program you are admitted.

I urge you to use your time to engage in meaningful scholarly work, join student groups from where you will interact with each other. We have student leadership positions from where you can sharpen your leadership skills. Volunteer at the community to help

needy, plant trees, clean the environment and participate in Christian and spiritual activities led by University chaplaincy or other religious organizations in campus including Muslim and Hindu.

We have a well-developed sporting facility at the Campus. Use these facilities to unwind and socialize. Take advantage of our facilities to develop yourself. Whichever course that you are doing, you will find that there are unlimited opportunities to enjoy your time here by learning, exploring and working together.



A key component of your academic journey is taking examinations.  Always observe Examination Regulations while

studying. Attend all your lectures on time and without fail. Do your Continuous Assignments Tests (CATs) promptly and submit them to your lecturers on time.   Check the examinations timetable twice; confirm the venue and the time of your exam again and again – misreading of the timetable or oversleeping are not acceptable as reasons for missing an exam.

Always be checking the website for information regarding your studies here at the University. We always update our website on a regular basis and I believe with most of you having access to internet, the excuse of saying “you did not know” will not be acceptable. Avoid the temptation to cheat in the examinations because the consequences of being found guilty of examinations malpractice are severe, as it carries penalty of discontinuation.



  1. Substances of abuse
  2. Social groups
  3. Internet abuse

Alcohol and substance abuse, especially among the youth, is increasing at a high rate.  The scourge has not spared university students, and the effects are far and wide. I know that you are ardent users of social media like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Unfortunately, I am also aware that alcohol and substance abuse has been normalized through these social media platforms. I, therefore, urge you to use these platforms for your short and long-term benefit. Drug peddling is illegal; this is a fact that all of you are aware of.  Anyone caught engaging in drug peddling will be expelled automatically, and we will take legal action against you. It is tempting when you see others doing it and living large on the internet and social media but trust me, their days are numbered, and so are yours if you decide to participate. 

Here at Egerton University, we take internet abuse seriously. Examples of internet abuse are cyber harassment, using insults and vulgar language on social media, spreading disinformation, cyber fraud, and recording, sharing, streaming of indecent videos and photographs.  Please take note that we have laws that prohibit such behaviours. Therefore, I urge you to be responsible and respectful cyber citizens even as you engage with each other and with the University’s administration.

We are heading towards the electioneering period and now more than ever, some of our youth are joining criminal gangs sponsored by unscrupulous people. So please do not be tempted to join, be your brother’s and sister’s keeper. If you see your friend being lured to such gangs, stop them. You can even report such cases anonymously to our Security Department.


Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic is a top priority here at Egerton University.  I want to assure you that we have taken all necessary precautions and rules as per the Ministry of Health on managing the pandemic. The health and safety of Egerton community is paramount to us. All students, and staff members are strongly encouraged to receive the Covid-19 vaccine that is now available at our Medical Center and also at hospitals within the county including Njoro, PGH Nakuru etc. Wearing masks, sanitizing/washing hands, and social distancing must be adhered to at all times within campus.


Closing remarks

As I close, I look forward to be meeting with you during your first semester here at Egerton University.  I am confident that the years ahead will be full of rewarding experiences.
Our staff members have taken you through the orientation programme and I believe that they have addressed some of the key issues that you may have had. They have demonstrated to you on how to take advantage of the resources and information available to make your stay here worthwhile.   

We have branded items such as notebooks, pens, T-shirts, umbrellas, and caps available at our Gift Shop and Bookshop.

Please make a point of visiting these areas and see what we have available. As our new brand ambassadors I would like you to embrace the Egerton University brand and carry it with pride. 

On behalf of the University Management Board I thank you for choosing Egerton University and wish you a blessed stay with us.  




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