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6th June, 2024

Resit/Special Examinations 2023/2024 Academic Year

This is to notify all students that Resit/Special Examinations for the 2023/2024 Academic year are scheduled for Monday 15th to Friday 19th July 2024.

The portal will be opened for registration of the examinations from Monday 24th June to Friday 5th July 2024.

 Kindly note the following:

  1. Registration for Resit examinations will be done online through the student portal.
  2. Registration for Special examinations will be done Manually.
  3. The deadline for registration is strictly on Friday 5th July 2024.
  4. No student will be allowed into the examination room without a valid resit/special examination certificate duly signed by the Dean of Faculty.
  5. Approval to take a Resit/Special Examination shall ONLY be given for the units registered for and done in the 2023/2024 Academic Year unless with prior approval by the Registrar (Academic Affairs).
  6. Students shall not be allowed to proceed to the next level of study until they clear all pending ‘Fs’ from the current year of study.

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