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Andrew K. Njuguna is a distinguished professional in the field of Information Science, renowned for his expertise and contributions as a trainer, lecturer, and practitioner. With a focus on Library digital issues, Andrew has garnered extensive experience and knowledge in various facets of information management and dissemination.

As a trainer of trainers, Andrew plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of professionals in the field. His dedication to sharing knowledge and fostering skill development ensures that fellow practitioners are equipped to navigate the complexities of library digital issues with confidence and proficiency.

In addition to his role as a trainer, Andrew serves as a part-time lecturer, enriching the academic landscape with his insights and expertise in information science courses. His commitment to education extends beyond the traditional classroom, as he imparts practical wisdom and real-world experience to aspiring information professionals.

Andrew's areas of interest encompass a wide range of topics within the realm of information science. Notably, he specializes in referencing tools, recognizing the critical role accurate referencing plays in scholarly communication and research integrity. His expertise in this area ensures that students and professionals alike are adept at employing referencing tools effectively to enhance the quality and credibility of their work.

Furthermore, Andrew possesses a deep understanding of library automation, a field that continues to evolve with advancements in technology. His proficiency in leveraging automation solutions streamlines library operations, improving accessibility and efficiency for patrons and staff alike.

Another area of Andrew's expertise lies in website management, where he combines his technical acumen with a keen understanding of user experience to create dynamic and user-friendly digital environments. By optimizing website functionality and accessibility, Andrew facilitates seamless access to information resources, enriching the user experience for individuals seeking knowledge and resources.

Andrew K. Njuguna's multifaceted expertise, coupled with his dedication to education and professional development, makes him a highly respected figure in the field of information science. His contributions continue to shape the landscape of library and information management, ensuring that practitioners are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an ever-evolving digital age.

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2014 - 2018: Kenyatta University - Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS)

2009 - 2012: Egerton University - Bachelor of Library  Information and Information Studies (BLINS)

2003 - 2005: Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology - Diploma in Information Technology (Kenya National Examination Council-KNEC)

1998 - 1999: The Kenya Polytechnic - Library Assistant Certificate

  1. Library Automation
  2. Advanced Information Retrieval - E-resources
  3. Digital Libraries and Information Portals
  4. Referencing Tools
  5. Open Access (OA) Resources




May 16th - June 24th, 2022:

Institution: Sage Campus

(a) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
(b) Introduction to Data Management
(c) Introduction to Journal Publishing: why publish?
April 20th – May 24th, 2020:

Institution: Research4life/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) - Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

(a) Access to Research for Development and Innovation (ARDI)
(b) Global Online Access to Legal Information (GOALI)
(c) Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI)
(d) Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture (AGORA)
(e) Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE)

January 24th - March 20th, 2017:

Institution: Research Access and Higher Education (RAHE) / International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications - INASP


(a) Monitoring and Evaluation of E-Resources Use (MEERU) Certificate

April 23rd – May 3rd, 2001:

Institution: African Virtual University - Egerton University

(a) Certificate in Advanced Internet User, HTML, and Networking




  1. Systems Librarian in charge of all Library Systems in Egerton University Library Systems (2011 to date)
  2. E-Learning Librarian Egerton University E-Campus (2015 to date)
  3. 2012 – To date: Egerton University Library - Senior Library Assistant/ Part-Time Lecturer 
  4. 2006 –2011: Egerton University ICT Department - Senior Technician
  5. 2000 - 2005: Reading Tent Project, Egerton University - Project Assistant/ Information Technology Instructor
  6. 1996 - 2000: Egerton University Library Department - Library Assistant
  1. Participated in proposal writing for grant in June - December 2021 in which 500,000.00 awarded from Medical Library Association (MLA) Librarians without Borders/ Elsevier Foundation and Research4Life with a goal to creating awareness among Library Staff, Academic staff and postgraduate students on the use of E-resources as well as building training capacity among librarians.
  2. Participated in implementing Reading Tent Project funded by Rockefeller Foundation - October 2000 to September 2005.  Conducted under the Research & Extension Division of Egerton University. (Served in the capacity of Project Facilitator in charge of planning and implementing, project’s Information Technology (IT) Programmes among ten primary schools targeted.
  3. Teaching of various courses in the Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Studies (BLINS) degree in Egerton and Laikipia Universities.
  4. Content Development of E-Learning model courses in the Bachelor of Science in Library and Information Studies BLINS) degree programme in Egerton University E-Campus.
  5. Participated in developing Information Literacy (IL) policy and Curriculum for Egerton University.
  6. Participated in development of a proposal for increasing capacity for Egerton University Institutional Repository.
  7. Participated in various Tender Evaluation Committees as Chairman and as a member as appointed by the Egerton University Vice-Chancellor.
  8. Egerton University Exhibition/Show committee member and awarded Certificate of Recognition for exemplary performances.
  1. Analysis of Collection Development - E-Resources
  2. Evaluation of Digital Library Resources
  3. Examination and implementation of Library Automation
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  7. Njuguna, A.K. (2018). Efficiency of Kenya Libraries Information Services Consortium in Provision of E-Resources in Academic Libraries: Case of Laikipia University Library.
  8. Nyamboga, C., Ongus, R.W., & Njuguna, A. (2013). Impact of the Amlib Integrated Library Management System on Information Management Practices at Egerton University Library, Njoro Campus, Kenya. SRELS Journal of Information Management, 50, 363-377.
  1. 3rd June 2022 - Proquest
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Optimize Your Ebook Central Resource
  2. 18th May 2021 - Emerald Publishing
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Emerald General access and platform training (KLISC)
  3. 19th August 2019 - Kenya Library Association (KLA)
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Information Professionals for Change
  4. 8th August 2014 - Kenya Bureau of Standards – KEBS (Egerton University)
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Information Security Management
  5. 28th April 2014 - Egerton University/Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International-CABI
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: CAB Abstracts and CABI Compendia Training
  6. 23rd May 2014 - Elsevier Publishers
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Electronic Books Essentials (E-Book)
  7. 9th - 12th December 2013 - Nairobi University & INASP/KLISC
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: System Librarian’s Workshop
  8. 3rd – 5th April 2013 - Kenya School of Government & Egerton University
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Customer Care for Egerton University
  9. 15th - 16th November 2012 - Egerton University
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Access and Use of E-Resources
  10. 30th – 31st October 2012 - Egerton University
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Information Literacy
  11. 30th May – 31st May 2012 - Egerton University (Facilitator)
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Effective Access and Utilization of E-Resources
  12. 12th – 13th August 2009 - United Nations Environment Programme- UNEP & Egerton University
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: UNEP Training On Online Access to Research in the Environment
  13. 10th June 2009 - International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications -INASP & University of Nairobi
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Web Design Workshop
  14. 18th – 20th March 2009 - International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications -INASP & University of Nairobi
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: Institutional Repository Workshop
  15. 12th – 13th August 2008 - Egerton University/UNEP
    • Workshop Theme/Topic: UNEP Training on Online Access To Research in the Environment
  • Certificate of Recognition for participating in ASK Show by Egerton Univeristy 2012
  1. Library Automation
  2. Advanced Information Retrieval
  3. Digital Libraries and Information Portals
  4. Computer Networks and Internet
  1. Kenya Library Association (KLA): Membership No.: kla/F/11291632
  2. International Reading Association (IRA): Member No.: 3964125
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