Please ensure Javascript is enabled for purposes of website accessibility Egerton University Alumnus DCI George Kinoti Shortlisted for FBI Executive Academy
Egerton University Alumnus DCI George Kinoti Shortlisted for FBI Executive Academy

Egerton University Alumnus DCI George Kinoti Shortlisted for FBI Executive Academy

Egerton University has for many years made a  mark in society through its continuous transformation of the lives of students who pass through it in ways surpassing human understanding. Our students set the pace in Kenya and the world over as having impeccable values, character, and exemplary professional capabilities.

Evidently, our passion for excellence and devotion to duty have far reaching consequences. Certainly as far as the seven seas. It is no surprise when we are met by the news that the students that passed through Egerton University are making good of the quality education passed down to them however long ago they were here.

Such class makes it quite easy to spot an Egertonian. Once you see a man or woman of character excelling in her endeavors, every so often they are products of our great university.

Most recently, our proud alumnus DCI George Kinoti made a mark for himself, Egerton University, and for Kenya by being the first and only African candidate joining the FBI Executive Academy. His exemplary performance in governance and now his scaling up of geographic and sociopolitical walls in the service of his country makes us proud to have him as an alumnus.

It is no surprise that a member of Egerton University family is a candidate for the FBI Executive Academy. The skill, education, and values we instill in our students have always come in handy in the long run. Congratulations, DCI George Kinoti!

The FBI Academy, dedicated to being the world’s premier law enforcement learning and research center and an advocate for law enforcement’s best practices worldwide, is operated by the FBI's Training Division.

It trains individuals chosen through a rigorous selection process to prospectively become:

  • Special agents,
  • Intelligence analysts,
  • Professional staff,
  • Law enforcement officers,
  • Foreign partners, &
  • Private sector.

With training cutting across:

  • Basic Field Training,
  • New Agent Training, &
  • Intelligence Analyst Training.

Being the only person in Africa to have the privilege of getting an opportunity to join the Academy brings us great joy, humility, and a potent feeling of accomplishment.

We shall continue to educate the future generations knowing all to well that through that, precedence for a bright future with Egertonians holding the mantle has been set.

We wish our alumnus DCI George Kinoti all the best in his endeavors as we muster the will to continue to live up to our status of being 'A world Class University for the Advancement of Humanity'.

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