Directorate of Quality Assurance


The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) was started in June 2005 following recommendations of a University Committee that was set up to study the academic standards, in light of the University’s expansion. At the time, there was also a national concern of a downward trend in academic quality in Kenyan public universities, due to increased student population but with disproportionately low resource allocation.


A centre of excellence in the enhancement of quality standards in the University.

To ensure promotion and development of a culture of quality in the University through a comprehensive quality assurance system that:

· Improves quality in teaching, learning, research and service provision.

· Prepares the University and its programmes for external assessments and ensures compliance with national and international standards.

· Supports the implementation of quality manage-ment systems and standards at all levels of the University.

· Provides support and guidance to the University on quality related issues.


DQA is driven by the following values: -

· Passion for excellence and devotion to duty

· Integrity, transparency, and accountability

· Social fairness

· Professionalism


The overall objective of the Directorate of Quality Assurance is to promote high academic standards through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality academic, research, consultancy and outreach programmes, in line with the University’s Charter, Statutes, Strategic Plan and ISO standards. The specific objectives are as follows:-

i) To develop guidelines and procedures to monitor, maintain and review academic, research, consultancy, outreach and extension programmes.

ii) To monitor and enhance the quality of teaching, learning and research experiences in the University.

iii) To monitor and recommend internal support services to students and staff in order to enhance academic and research quality.

iv) To develop and sustain a culture of continuous academic and research quality improvement among members of the University community.

v) To safeguard the integrity of the academic awards of the University.

Implementation of QA objectives

The objectives are implemented through:

· Monitoring and evaluation of academic and research processes in the University

· Carrying out Employee, Customer/ Student, Safety, Work/Living Environment and Suppliers’ satisfaction Surveys

· Developing and periodically updating general policies and operational manuals to guide University–wide quality assurance operations

· Establishing linkages, partnerships and networks with other Quality Assurance units/institutions to enhance quality of teaching and learning

· Working with relevant University organs in defining and setting quality benchmarks

· Working with academic departments in assuring quality of programmes including coordinating assessment of programmes, sensitizing, advising and guiding departments on the execution of Quality Assurance activities

· Handling all quality assurance issues including external examiners reports and students evaluation of teaching effectiveness

· Carrying out academic and research audits in compliance with Academic and Research Quality Assurance Policy and ISO procedures