Department of Pathology

Prof. Mohamed Hussein Abdille, PhD
Chairman, Department of Human Pathology,
Faculty of Health Sciences, Egerton University

Pathology department was established September,2012 and is one of the new additions to the already existing 13 departments of the faculty of health sciences.

The department has four faculty members and two technologist that undertake the day today running of the pathological and microbiological needs. Being a relatively new department,currently we do not offer any degree studies but foresee the establishments of undergraduate and post graduate courses in Human pathology and medical and clinical microbiology.

Pathology is the essence of clinical medicine and the basis for in-depth understanding of disease mechanisms. Pathology education therefore plays a central role among the efforts of the Human Pathology faculty, who are primarily responsible for pathology education in the faculty of health sciences.

The microbiology section shares all its theories and practical contents with Beijing medical school and China Agricultural University and foresee establishing strong links with other local and international institutions that share our goals.

Commitment to biomedical research is our vision while upholding the Egerton Universities mission, as evidenced by our histopathology and microscopy laboratories.

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