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Message from the Chair of Department (CoD) - DR. Charles Recha

Background Information

The Department of Geography was established in the year 1989 - three years after the establishment of Egerton University. The department was administratively under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) until later in 1999 when it was administratively transferred to the Faculty of Environment and Resources Development. For a long time, Geography was and still is a service department- offering courses to the Faculties of Education and Community Studies (FEDCOS), Science, Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), and College of Distance Learning (CODL). The service courses lead to the award of B.A, B.Sc., B.Ed (Arts), B.Ed (Sci), B.Sc. (Military) degrees, and diploma (in Education). In addition, the department offers B.Sc (Geography), MA, MSc (in Geography), MA - Urban Management, PhD - Geography, PhD – Urban Mgt, and a Geographic Information System (GIS) certificate programs. The department has dynamic programs that trains graduates on environment-society interaction.

Our teaching emphasizes the integration of theory and practice. Following classroom teaching, we ensure our students go out in the field-our laboratory, to enable them relate theory and practice, and examine human-nature interactions. We have incorporated important skill-based courses such as GIS and computerized cartography in our curriculum with a view to giving our graduates a competitive edge in the job market. We are committed to enhancing skill applications through GIS and remote sensing. Our training ensures graduates from the department are in a pole position to solve societal and environmental challenges – ranging from the physical space and geopolitics, to population growth and land degradation. We are keen on maintaining the identity of Geography the discipline, and in highlighting its role in society today.

Chairs of Department

1989-1998:                  Prof. Josephine. Musangi

1998-1999:                  Dr. Rosemary Hayanga

1999-2001:                  Dr. Simon Onywere

2001-2009:                  Dr. Charles Maina Gichaba

2009-2014:                  Dr. Joseph Oluoch Otieno

2014-present:              Dr. Wambongo C.S. Recha


Welcome to the department of Geography, one of the three (3) departments under the Faculty of Environment and Resources Development (FERD). The department is located in the FASS Complex (Block A, ground floor) at Njoro Campus. We have a committed staff of 15 members (11- teaching staff, 1 - technical staff, and 3 support staff). In addition to these, the department relies on four committed part-time lecturers who supplement manpower requirement. Our teaching staff is composed of competent persons of diverse areas of specialization in the subject of Geography (refer to staff list). As a department, we recognize that more than ideology or economic development, what has fundamentally defined states or communities over time has been their place on Earth. It is geography that studies places. Cognizant of this fundamental role of Geography, the department has designed its programs to captures the distribution of people and their activities, physical and man-made features, ecosystems and interactions between humans and the environment in a dynamic spatial context. The Department of Geography is strategically positioned to train manpower that will provide solutions to the challenges arising from these interactions. Through the best practices adopted by the University, we aim at the highest level standard in generating and disseminating knowledge for the betterment of humanity. We are warmly inviting you to come and be part of us in this endeavour.