Perspectives and plans

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Drawing on the University’s traditions of practical hands-on approaches to tertiary education and transforming lives through quality education, we promote strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and organizations working in our niche areas to facilitate collaborative teaching, student internships, community engagement and extension. Pursuant to our people-centred philosophy, we aim to produce graduates who are equipped to work effectively with grassroots communities and national human rights stakeholders to formulate innovative socio-legal solutions to our society’s numerous challenges.

Ultimately, with the knowledge, training and socialization provided through our programmes, our graduates shall contribute to promoting social change through professional practice that tends towards advancing humanistic values such as human dignity, pro-poor advocacy, charity, voluntarism, solidarity and humanitarianism. Moreover, the technical skills and experience of our graduates shall prepare them for excellent performance in a variety of placement contexts including research institutions, State human rights/governance departments, private practice, grassroots and national non-governmental organizations, local and global civil society organizations and international human rights bodies.

As a dynamic academic community, we intend to pioneer legal education projects in areas in which we have capacity and distinct strengths. Our seven year growth plan (2015-2022) envisions the formation of three specialist research focal groups led by academic staff to advance research and scholarship in key thematic areas and launching a community-oriented human rights centre. Progression to postgraduate legal education is planned for the 2019-2020 academic year.