Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery

RAMADHAN L MAWENZI (Dip Med& Surg; ADDV; MPH; PhD (to be completed soon)



Hello good people!

Greetings from the Chair of the department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery.

The department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery was founded in 1999. It is credited as the first ever medical oriented department in Egerton University. Indeed, the current Faculty of Health Sciences in the University was born following the success of Clinical Medicine. In its incipient stages the department was only offering a three year course in Diploma course in Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Currently both diploma and degree courses in Clinical Medicine and Surgery are being offered by the department.

Staff Establishment: The department of Clinical Medicine is a multidisciplinary department which is being serviced by several other departments. There are currently four full time academic staff and two non-academic staff in the department.

Courses Offered: the department offers the following courses which run concurrently:

  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery; three year programme
  • BSc in Clinical Medicine and Surgery which is offered in two modules:
  1. Pre-service programme which targets secondary school leavers and takes 4 academic years. This is a full time course.
  2. In-service programme which targets qualified clinical officers and takes 2 ½ academic years. This is a weekend based course.

Prospective students and employers are welcome to experience the exemplary teaching and quality graduates from the department.

Quality objectives:

1.     To provide  100% teaching and examination services every term

2.     To publish at least one refereed article or present at least one conference paper in a year

Vision of the department:

To be the best department in the world for clinical medicine and surgery teaching.

Mission Statement:

To generate and disseminate applicable knowledge on disease identification, eradication and prevention aimed at promoting the health of populations.

Core Values:

Passion for evidence based medicine (research), ethics and integrity and reverence for God.

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